Mission & Goals


The following is the statement of the assigned goals for the foundation:

  • Spread awareness, education and ways to prevent cancer
  • Create a global media with associations and patients to exchange benefits and cultures.
  • Help and educate patients to fight their disease and provide real, service and financial aids according to the available possibilities.
  • Seek to support treatment of cancer patients to be gratuitous (Hospitalization and drugs).
  • Fight phenomena causing cancer by organizing awareness – raising campaigns and activities.
  • Establish a mental health care center for cancer patients.
  • Encourage scientific researches of cancer treatments in Lebanon.

These above mentioned objectives will be applied according to the enforced laws and regulations since we had approval of the competent authorities and a License statement no. 1997


The project aims to provide all kinds of guidance, counseling and psycho-social support for cancer patients through awareness and educational programs about the disease and ways to prevent it, and follow ups on the latest innovations of promising treatments for cancer.