The symptoms vary according to the location of cancer in the head and neck.
Common symptoms include:

  • A lump which does not resolve.
  • Persisting discomfort or pain.
  • Persistent ulcer in the mouth.
  • Difficulty chewing or swallowing.
  • Hoarseness of voice.


  • White or red patches/lesions.
  • Lump in the oral
  • Unusual bleeding in the mouth.
  • Loose teeth or dentures which no longer fit.

Nasal & paranasal sinuses:

  • Blocked nose or sinuses which do not clear.
  • Nosebleeds


  • Earache or ringing in the ears.
  • Difficulty breathing or speaking.
  • Difficulty swallowing.
  • Change in voice/hoarseness.
  • Constant headaches.


  • Unexplained lump in the neck.
  • Difficulty in swallowing.
  • Change in voice/hoarseness.

Salivary glands:

  • Swelling beneath the chin or surrounding jaw.
  • Loss of sensation of the muscles of the face.
  • Facial pain or pain in the neck or chin that does not resolve.

Talk to your doctor if you experience one or more of these symptoms.