What we do

Rabab Cancer Foundation timeline to achieve assigned goals:

Patient Education

A series of educational activities (brochures, videos, articles) meant to improve cancer literacy and raise awareness on the importance of preventive measures and early detection of disease will be available on our website.


Daily updates on the latest news in cancer research news from around the world will be posted on our website. Integrated use of social media will aim to improve the reach of this material.


Our multi-disciplinary team members are dedicated to help patients and their caregivers receive appropriate, timely care and assistance when needed. This will take place in the form of close collaboration with patient advocacy organizations and communication with policymakers meant to improve patient care and promote cancer preventive strategies.


We organize events, receive donations and work with our sponsors to support our activities.


Continuous programs and strategies will be implemented to address cancer-predisposing risk factors common to the Middle East region. We aim to increase awareness of predisposing factors and educate the public   on means to control/reduce these risk factors.